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+48 32 420 60 21
9 am - 18 pm

Fernando & Vicente Roscubas

They were born in Palma de Mallorca in 1953, and since 1958 they have lived in Bilbao, Spain.
Fernando and Vicente Roscubas are twin brothers and always create their works together. The first paintings and sculptural works were created in their studio in Bilbao in the 1970s. Initially, they were under the influence of American abstract expressionism. They perform painting, sculpture, conceptual art, and create installations. Their works contain many elements of humor with a surreal color, provoke absurdity and irony. They are masters of not only one discipline of art, but both of them integrate in their works, characterized by craftsmanship and skill in the art.
In 1975 they had their first individual exhibition in Bilbao and since then they have been constantly exhibiting in Madrid and Barcelona, and ‚Äč‚Äčalso in New York and San Francisco. They have participated in international art fairs, including ARCO Madrid, as well as art fairs in Washington, Chicago, Miami, Cologne and Singapore.