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9 am - 18 pm

Isabel Miramontes

The artist was born in 1962 in Santiago de Compostella. She grew up and studied in Belgium, obtaining a diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts at the Sainte-Marie Institute in Brussels. From 1988, she continued her education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Saint-Gilles, where she perfected her workshop in the field of drawing living models in the studio of Partick Pouillart.
Year 1994 turned out to be a breakthrough for the artist, when in the studio of a befriended sculptor she discovered a passion for sculpture, to which she devoted herself completely.
The mainstream of her work is man – in all its ambiguities – power and weakness, closure and desire for freedom, dreams and triumphs. The surrealistic figures of people created by the artist are a synthesis of form and thought, they express the realism of life with its moments of joy, as well as drama, elation and tension.
Every day Isabel Miramontes works in her studio. There, modeling on her own sketches, she shapes their character with passion, discovers new shapes to give sculptures inner life and convey their vision of the world.
The artist’s works have been presented at numerous individual and collective exhibitions in galleries in Europe and the USA.