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Jean-Philippe Richard

Jean-Philippe Richard is a French sculptor, born in Paris in 1947. He is a self-taught artist. Before he took up the sculpture for good, he created mosaics in stone, he painted, he dealt with the screen printing technique on various substrates.
He took up sculpture since 1990 after the meeting of Guy LeRiche, who introduced him to this technique of artistic creation. The artist works on his works without the model and preparatory sketches, because he believes that the form and expression are already in the block in which he will sculpt. Its main theme is the figure of a woman with a characteristic elongated, slender figure. His characters’ heads are modeled very intricately, and their eyes are often closed, because “these women, in the face of nature, are in full meditation”. The classic and at the same time very modern works of the artist are a mixture of delicacy and strength, mystery and eternity. They reflect the harmony between the real world and sleep, and allow to experience a moment of magic and gain access to dreams.
Since 1998, Jean-Phillippe Richard has been collaborating with the famous art glass workshop in Daum, for which he created “Charlotte”.
The artist lives and creates in his own studio in Provence in the Mirabel-aux Baronnies.
His sculptures were exhibited in Europe, as well as in the United States and in China. He is also the winner of many awards and distinctions at international exhibitions and competitions.