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+48 32 420 60 21
9 am - 18 pm

Jeroen van de Brug

The artist born in the Netherlands. He graduated from The Rietveld Academy of Modern Art, where he studied jewelry design and The Jewelers School in Schoonhoven.
After a short career as a jewelry designer, he worked for a large newspaper publisher, where he dealt with advertising. Only a visit to the gallery specializing in the sale of artistic glass and a meeting with artist Floris Meydam resulted in a return to the profession of artist and interest in sculpture in glass. He perfected his skills under well-known artists in England, the Czech Republic and Venice.
In his works, the artist is looking for a specific game of color and light. His characteristic sculptures contain one or two colors and a large part of transparent glass. He is always present in the production of his work to guide the shaping of his projects.
He lives and works in the Netherlands, where he also has his own gallery in Hoorn.
Exhibitions: Heeswijk Dinter, Eefde, Maastricht, The Hague, Amsterdam, Aalsmeeer in the Netherlands.
Jeroen van de Brug participated in the 15th edition of The Hotel Show 2014 at the World Trade Center in Dubai, UAE and at the 5th International Festival of Glass 2013 in Luxembourg.