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Jorge Marin

Marin was born in 1963. He is a Mexican painter and sculptor. He studied graphic design at the National School of Fine Arts in Mexico. For over 30 years he has been an active figure in the world of contemporary art. His favorite sculptural material is bronze, and the main theme of his works is a human silhouette strongly referring to the Baroque expression of movement. The artist’s figures, presented in various poses, challenge gravity, spin in space, supported only at one point. The showcase of the artist, recognizable all over the world, are wings spreading almost above each of his characters. Another characteristic feature in the artist’s work is the mask as a kind of attempt to depersonalize the sculptures.
Jorge Marin creates in various formats – from miniature, several-centimeter works to monumental works that find their ideal place in public space. An example of such work is 13 monumental winged figures placed on the Paseo de Reforma, the main promenade of Mexico City.
He took part in over 200 exhibitions in Europe, both Americas, Africa and Asia.
He currently lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico.