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Marie Madeleine Gautier

Marie-Madeleine Gautier was born in 1956 in Normandy, France. She attended the prestigious “Ecole des Beaux-arts” in Paris and from the very beginning of her career as a sculptor, she has been focusing entirely on the most common topic in the art of the human body. However, her art is not a banal exploration of aesthetics, but a celebration of women – a subject that she has been constantly exploring in its many aspects over the years.
Her women presented in various positions: standing, bending or kneeling, are a tribute to femininity. With their wide hips growing out of the delicate legs give them balance and the lightness of the dancer – a sharp contrast with their slender busts that come upwards. They are irresistibly associated with the original images of fertility goddesses with strongly exposed female shapes.
The artist cooperates with many galleries in Europe and the USA. She had numerous individual and collective exhibitions in Europe, the USA and China. Her works can be found in many prestigious collections around the world, as well as in public spaces in China and France.