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9 am - 18 pm

Nimrod Messeg

He was born in 1970 in Israel, in an artistic family. Father – Aharon Messeg is one of the leading Israeli painters, while his mother – Sabina, a poet.
From the age of 13 he carved in wood, stone and also painted. Then he discovered a technique for creating sculptures by forging in metal. He uses ancient methods of forging, hammering and welding, which allow him to create textures, shapes and effects that give his works a unique and exclusive style. These methods allow him to transform hard, cold metal into extremely light and delicate forms: female torsos, masks, feathered birds, animals.
The artist tells about his work: “fire is my basic tool during the sculpturing process. This powerful creative force gives me a deep relationship with nature and life itself. Observation of flames, sparks and galactic activity attracts me to the extraordinary, almost heavenly dimension of this work with my potential for fantasy and escape into myself. Light, heat and energy of fire allow me to give birth to a completely new existence. Looking at a finished work of art, I see them in their entirety; from his humble beginnings in metal, through the creative process, to new and diverse textures, forms and surfaces. Every sculpture gradually begins to live its own life and, using me as its tool, develops its own personality “
Since 1999, the artist lives and works in Marbella, Spain.
His works have been presented in numerous galleries in Europe.