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Wil Lof

Wilhelmina (Wil) Lof started painting already in her teenage years.
In 1964 – at the age of 16 – she joined a large Dutch textile company as a trainee. For nearly twenty years, she worked as a leading designer for several textile companies, such as Texoprint and Parisign.
Many of her projects went to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South America, taking the shape of printed fabrics for the fashion industry. In the meantime, she attended the Academy of Arts and Industry in Enschede, specializing in graphic and textile projects.
Her first exhibition of paintings was in 1968 and met with great interest and recognition of critics.
In addition to painting, the artist also dealt with graphic design of teletext services for television, including for Discovery Chanel, which has been appreciated by millions of viewers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden. Since 1997, the artist has been mainly involved in painting. Her series of exhibitions began in 1998. Soon, she became a well-known contemporary artist, present both on national and international stages.
Wil Lof is represented by several galleries in the Netherlands, Germany, Greece, France and Spain. She mainly creates original paintings with figurative and abstract motifs. Their characteristic feature is a delicate texture emphasizing the subtle elegance and ethereal simplicity of her painting.